Activated pussys heal and empower both partners

activated vaginasWhen a women is blocked and has traumas in her sacred yoni, she is not activating her juicy powers that come from this sacred vessel. Our body parts have communication receptors and subconsciously , they communicate with each other. A man can instinctively and intuitively feel when a woman is unblocked, he can also feel if she has trauma. Women store most of their unprocessed emotions in the second chakra as this portal is the most powerful. Although when Im working on a woman’s body I can find energy toxins in different areas, the deep wounds 99% of the time are stored in and around the vagina. When a woman starts to unblock and open up this chakra, she starts to access more of her strength and intuition. Not only does she access more of her authentic self as emotions and toxins are removed but it also starts to connect her deeper to her pleasure. When a woman is free and accessing her pleasure this creates a beautiful magical energy that is extremely powerful. When a women is releasing this cosmic energy through pleasure men will benefit from it as well as they feed from this nectar.

Most of the sexual experiences that are being exchanged right now on a universal level are to fulfill voids and administer medicine in order to feel better for the time being when sex can be extremely healing it has to be done consciously and lovingly. We can create these experiences through our soul mates or a person we barely know, its just all about being conscious and being aware of the energy your exchanging. There are many forms to healing but I have found the fasted way to unblocking your sacred yoni is to go in and identify the emotions that have not been processed and release them through the form of crying, throwing up or they can be released through the pores as I do in my sessions with my clients.

When I turned 30 years old I moved to Hawaii with my young son to reset my entire life. I had left my fiancé, who was also the love of my life to seek this healing and journey that no matter how hard I knew it would be it had to be done. It was the hardest and best decision I ever made. I never felt so much pain in my life being on that island, being alone and taking a deep look in the mirror. I instinctively knew that the healing needed to take place and that possibly if I was in a lower vibrational location like a big city for example quite possibly I wouldn’t have the strength to get through it so this is why i chose Hawaii because at least when I was going through all this pain I had some beautiful rainbows to look at and a colorful tranquil ocean to swim in. When I would be deep in my fear questioning my choice I would call my mother and she told me one thing, “sit in the bathtub and cry”. My mom is an incredible healer and has overcome insane life experiences so when she gives me advice other than “go within dear” I truly listen. So I cried and cried and cried and cried…what felt like for two years. The crying therapy can release a lot of stored up emotions which can connect you deeper but sometimes we have deep wounds so deep that we don’t want to look at them. We don’t want to relive them. We don’t want to remember them. So our body hides them in little nooks and crevices. I was not aware of this at the time but I discovered it over my journey over the next six years.

Fast forward two years after I left the island, met my shaman and went on world tour. Over the course of 4 years I slept with over a hundred men in many countries. This was part a continuation of my healing and part medicine. But somewhere in here I healed. I know and remember the exact moment when my yoni became completely unblocked and with whom it happened. Towards the end of this journey also the reaction from men changed and became more impactful. I was getting feedback that after our sex amazing powerful things were happening to them, creativity became unblocked and opportunities opened up and they could directly relate it to the energy created from our sexual exchange. With a combination of my self healing work, sessions with shamans and therapists and hypnotherapists and daily mediation practices as well as this sexual healing journey, my yoni started to open up in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I started to have deeper orgasms and I started to open up and discover more locations on the body where we can actually orgasm from. When I felt pain during sex I immediately connected to the blockage and carefully went deeper with the help of the man to break it. I had been struggling with cysts in my ovaries, yeast infections and irregular periods my entire adult life and now I have none of these issues. I discovered there were all these little channels and receptors inside the vagina wall that also store emotions and when these are removed there is so much pleasure to be accessed there. Opening up my pleasure has not only healed me but given me access to the cosmic universe. With ease, I allow all to flow through me receiving and exchanging this magical energy. Healing and manifestation can take place from our sacred yoni. Unblock your pleasure and you unblock your power.