Can we expand our evolution through multiple partners?

If you are a conscious creator and you operate on a high frequency than you will only attract people that are on that same frequency. We cannot bring someone into our experience who is not vibrationally aligned with us. On a subconscious level our souls ask for experiences that will help us grow and evolve so therefore we create those experiences for the purpose of our evolution.

If we are going through a period of time in our life where we are having multiple partners oppose to having a relationship it just means that our soul needs to evolve and the path to that growth is through people. You see, there is positive reason for everything that is happening. Having multiple partners can be a positive and extremely enhancing experience if we are mindful and receptive.

You can look at having multiple partners the same as traveling to multiple countries. In each country you discover new things, you receive new perspectives and you learn a lot. It happens very quickly, you feel the new energy and something inside you changes. When we have experiences with multiple people we are also learning and discovering new perspectives. I have learned so many amazing things through my experiences of dating. It starts with a connection which means two souls vibrationally match up, than when your receptive you will discover that certain things you asked for or needed to learn will come through in this experience and it goes for both people involved. However you must be conscious and pay attention to whats happening. If you look at everything as evolution and every person we meet as a part of that evolution than we can grow faster than we ever imagined.

The mistake people make in dating and having multiple partners is that they are not connecting and they are not respecting each other on a soul level. This is happening because you are disconnected from yourself and not respecting yourself. Unconscious one night stands happen as a result of trying to fill a void within yourself. Its a vicious cycle of searching outside of yourself to feel better but when the outside experience is finished it leaves you feeling more empty than you felt before. When we have sex with people and we are not respecting ourself, than we will naturally have guilt and shame about it. This guilt and shame or judgement will get stored in the body, usually around the 2nd chakra and will create a blockage. The more negative feelings you have associated to the sex your having, the more blockages you will create. These blockages will hold you back from creating the things you want in your life.

The most important thing we can do is to work on ourself. If you haven’t healed your issues and traumas than you will not get the results I’m referring to. You can only have an enlightening experience dating multiple partners if your consciously aware of what you are doing.

Our souls want to evolve and wether that means evolving with a partner in a committed relationship or evolving through experiences with multiple people, we have to listen to and honor what the soul needs. We have to respect each others journeys. When we judge another person it only means we are judging ourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself and listen listen listen to what your soul needs and not to what other people think your soul needs.

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