A real and vulnerable true story of where I came from and how I got here.

Hi I am Tiana. and I am no stranger to trauma, growing up in situations that were so incredibly painful that I wouldn’t allow myself to remember them. I knew I had a dysfunctional upbringing that had given me many triggers as an adult to deal with but I wasn’t sure where everything was coming from until I started digging deep into my own healing. To be honest with you I thought I was pretty normal, drank wine to feel good, had relationships that couldn’t last, cried for no reason, always wondered why I was picking all the wrong men, why a rain cloud was following over me and bad things just seemed to happen to me. It wasn’t until I uncovered my deep dark past and chose to no longer be a victim of my circumstance that my circumstances changed.

In my late twenties I was in another relationship but this time I was deeply in love and was trying to create something different than I always had before. He was different and I had been doing a lot of beginning inner work on myself. The same type of experiences kept being mirrored in my face through this relationship. Things like getting stupid drunk and saying stupid things I would regret later, internal personal issues coming out even though I was trying so hard to hide them, insecurities, being over needy and feeling abandoned, having so many expectations and getting dissapointed, not being honest creating havoc, not communicating and being real, living a pretend life.

One day as the universe always does, it kicked my ass for not paying attention. You see, we all have this inner guidance system and we definitely are getting the signs but if your like I was, than we think that by ignoring them they will go away. Wrong! The signs will be put directly in front of your face so there is no way your going to miss them! These wake up calls and signs usually come in the forms of illnesses, accidents or life changing events. Mine was the latter. I experienced a life changing event that would force me to re-route the course of my entire life and to listen to my intuition.

I was arrested for drunk driving with my son in the car, I lost my license, I lost my job, I lost my house and my boyfriend all in one month. I managed to salvage my boyfriend but it would never be the same. I looked at what I had created and I decided it was time to fix whatever this was, whatever was wrong with me. So I went deeply into my soul and looked for the answers and the answer I got was to leave everything and go meditate in Hawaii. So I made this brave decision and without having any plan at all or knowing anyone I packed up our stuff and flew one way to Hawaii to start my healing journey.

Hawaii was rough at first but I kept listening to my inner guidance and eventually found my balance. I dedicated myself to meditating 4 hours a day and went on a super cleanse for two years, vegan, raw food, no sex, and no alcohol. My intuition became really strong, I started to have memories, I started to feel things and I was transforming into a different person. This experience was another life changing moment yet this time I was concious of it. After cleansing myself and lifting my vibration as high as it could go for two years in Hawaii I felt the calling to LA, than all over Europe and Middle East, continuing my healing and learning tools and working with different healers along the way. I was introduced to Shamanism from my mom and I learned many things about how our emotions get stored in the body through my personal case studies. Fast forward 9 years later and today I work with clients all over the world removing poisons from the body through my own technique called ETR (Emotional Trauma Release) or Mapping which is where we pinpoint triggers and create frames to reprogram those old beliefs and create new perspectives.

It brings me great joy to share what i have learned and support people in their own healing and evolution.

If we heal oursleves, we can heal eachother.

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